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Default what happens "someday"?

So I know theres no catch-all answer for this but I'd certainly appreciate some advice and insight.

I'm completely head over heels for my two boyfriends, J. who I've been dating for nearly two years and B. who I've been with for about six months They're friends and totally on board with all of this. We're all graduating college soon and like you do at that point we've started thinking about whats happening after this. Increasingly we've been talking about how the general ideal "someday" plan would involve us all living together. I'm naturally thrilled with the concept but its never really that simple. I obviously can't marry them both. Its pretty likely J. and I will get married someday and I don't know how to keep up the wonderful sense of equality we're developing if that happens.

Has anyone else started a relationship where all partners are "equal" (at least in the eyes of the law) and then married one of them? How did you both work it out with your third? Also, how on earth do we explain this to our families? Either way B. is put in a very interesting position; explain how his girlfriend is married or his girlfriend has another boyfriend and none of them are marrying any of the others.

I know its kind of silly to worry about something so far off that might turn out to be a non-issue but I'm curious ^^;
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