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This idea of "wiring" or that humans are born either poly or mono is nonsensical to me. In cultures where polygamy or polyandry is the norm, I am certain no one is going around arguing whether or not they are born to have multiple partners or only one. In Western culture, we have the luxury of questioning everything and I really think most people make shit up to justify their choices. For those who respond with, "But I've always wondered why I couldn't have two boyfriends ever since I was in Kindergarten!" that doesn't mean jack shit about your biology or brain chemistry. We all have the potential for many different life choices and where we end up basically has to do with cultural and familial conditioning, personal preferences, how our life experiences have affected us, and opportunity.

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going back to the greeks and romans where for bonding amongst the men of the army the men had male partners, ... this was normal.

it was also considered normal that men would grow out of this and settle down with a woman, ... such men who did not where considered strange.
That's not exactly correct. The men bonded and had physical relations with other men and boys, but kept the women around tobreed with, that's all. They were'nt expected to "settle down," they were expected to father as many children as they could, but it was still fine to get it on with other men as long as they were procreating with the women, who were considered to be nothing more than brood mares.
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