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Default Wow guess it has been a while since a post.

Hello to anyone who has followed my postings has been a while with all the summer stuff going on. For those interested in our life here are a few updates. D and I are doing well, her "other husband" J is also well and seems happy with the whole relationship. J and I remain friends and are still getting along well and I believe he is becoming more settled into the poly life. They still spend friday together most every week and also get some time sunday evening before J leaves for work. He has a few times come back from his week away at work early and we work out that extra time as it happens so things seem good. D and I were on vacation for a week this last week so their friday was speical since the next one they would not be together. D said J is much more affectionate since getting more settled when they are out in public and very attentive in the bedroom. They slept in on saturday morning before we went on vacation and after getting packed and ready to go they said their goodbye's. We were off for a great week just D and I and had a nice relaxing vacation that included lots of fun touring, great food and great sex together. While we did not want to come back until sunday J and D missed eachother so we came home 1 day early on this last saturday. We had "talked" by text and a couple of phone calls to arrange for J to be home saturday evening when we came into town so that D and J could go on a nice date and then have the house to themselves for the night. I have to say D was all smiles around J who didn't understand it was just the 2 of them on the date ( guess we just said go out and he thought it was the 3 of us). Anyway off they went, D said they had a great dinner then to a local event for a while. I made myself scarce for the night giving them the night for whatever. D said they cuddled up for a bit but soon were off to bed for a "great night" so she says making love and then cuddle time with some serious chat about making this a perminant thing. J is all for it although still grasping the whole poly D and I had talked about her and J going for a whole weekend somewhere and he is all for it as well so looks like that will happen in the near future. I still sometimes have a hard time with the whole attention and jelious monster but deal with it very well. 99% of the time I am both happy for D and find the whole thing hot but have had to admit it is hard that small part of the time although even that is going away as D is very supportive of my feelings and I am supportive of both hers and J's so I would say all is well in our poly life at the moment.....more in the future.
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