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is that describing a persons sexual orientation preferences or social pressure to stigmatize those that do not do things in the 'expected' way.

going back to the greeks and romans where for bonding amongst the men of the army the men had male partners, ... this was normal.

it was also considered normal that men would grow out of this and settle down with a woman, ... such men who did not where considered strange.

history cannot have recognition of the possibility that a man would consider avoiding women as a sexual preference to be "strange" (or whatever word was used in the historical writings) if this did not happen on occasion, may not have had the negative stigma that is seen recently, but this (in my mind) does count as recognition that people have throughout history shown to one degree or another preferences about what gender they were interested that may have gone against 'normal'

these are not modern concepts, they have modern terms, but peoples preferences to be with men or women or both have always been present
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