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Originally Posted by london View Post
i'm sorry, i can't even begin to read something with all those caps and shouty stuff. Sensory Overload. If you'd like me to read and reply, kindly tone all that down. Maybe use italics sparingly for emphasis.
That's really a shame.

Less than 10% of that rant is in CAPs (she didn't even use bold). And she used plenty of white space to break up the major points in her rant. I thought it was rather well done. But her follow up post about circles and squares (in the thread that she split off) is even clearer - you probably can't read it though - it's about the same proportion of CAPs.


PS. I'll keep in mind that you much prefer italics if I am in a position where I am addressing you in particular.

PPS. I'm much too fond of parantheticals and asides set off with dashes or ellipses. How do you feel about those?


On another note - while I do agree that it is the person who made the agreement's responsibility to enforce that agreement with any other partners, I ALSO think that it is well within the realm of reason for affected partners to point out (to whomever) that the agreement is not being upheld. If you aren't going to whole-heartedly OWN the agreement made then you shouldn't have agreed to it in the first place.

I wrote about a related topic in one of my blog posts here about individual/couple/vee boundaries:

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