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Northhome you are always are pointing out that you have written books on poly and etc, but in reading through your posting history I have not ran across any PERSONAL accounts or experience that you may have. Just what you have claimed to research.

Research has its merit but I am sorry people aren't always completely candid when being interviewed as apart of someone's study.

Just because you have written a book doesn't mean you are an expert. Just like a degree isn't proof that someone truly is educated on their chosen field of study. It just proves that you were able to regurgitate what your teachers wanted you to learn.

For example i have dealt with vet techs straight out of school who think they are ready to conquer the world and know it all. But they are taught in a controlled environment the first time they hit a SNAFU they fall apart. Life has a habit of not following the rules. I would rather learn from someone who has been there done that and has the T-shirt than someone who just has clinical experience.
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