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Thanks again for everyone's response. I really appreciate it. The thing is I don't know all the details about how the other girl feels.
But from my understanding, and a truly believe that my husband is being honest with me. This girl really loves him but is still on the
fence on pursueing an intimate relationship. She actually is currently dating another guy (been about a month) and she really likes him.
So she is holding off I think cause of her boyfriend. And if she didn't feel comfortable with my husband, then why would she invite herself
to stay in his room at the yoga retreat. And i don't know if things like this are "black and white". I'm sure if she was single she might have
pursued it further. But good point that maybe I should try talking to her about her feelings for my husband. But do i really need to know all the details?

It sounds like from everyone's post that we are not quite ready for a polyamourous relationship. But my question is, when will you ever be ready?
Won't the hurt and pain always be there? Isn't it just a matter of how you deal with those insecurities. I want to be compassionate for my husband.
I want him to be able to be fully happy and be able to connect with people fully. He doesn't believe that just one person can full fill all these needs.
He thinks that if he is able to share his intimate connections with others, it will only bring us closer. He is all about expanding your being, your consciousness
and your energies within the body. I don't want to own him and keep him to myself cause is that really fair? I see him suffer inside cause his sexual energy
is not being full filled. So do I just let him suffer and never let him be intimate with another person. It sounds unreasonable to let him suffer. I don't know what
to do. Maybe it is just a bad time right now. i am dazed and confused. Thanks again for you help!!

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