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Well, I talked with him about it. He is not willing to tell her we are lovers, but he did tell her that we are close friends. He says there is no way she would accept the situation if she knew, and I guess I can live with that. I have asked him to talk about her more, so I can come to understand her as a person with feelings and a part of his life, not the scary, mysterious "other woman". Now he chats with me a little about her, what she is like, little things of interest that happen. It makes it easier, at least for me.

I do believe in poly. Honesty is better than lies. But he is only human. He knew her before he knew me, and he doesn't want to lose either one of us. So it falls to me, as the more openminded one, to deal with the truth, while she lives in a fool's paradise. I hope someday he tells her, but I doubt he will.

Edit: Yes, I know I am a party to this woman's betrayal. I admit my guilt, but I am in love and too weak to give him up.

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