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Default Still holding judgement.

In a Poly fidel Triad for 9 months. Still holding on judgement on the show. I was a little disappointed about the center being on sex but then again, it is a big part of our relationship. I very quickly lost interest about the Quad.

There were, however, some similarities between our Triad and the Triad on the show, my wife sometimes feels left out. E. (Our girlfriend) and I are always having to draw her back in and I always have to make an effort to reassure her. The 2 in the shower while his wife stayed in bed was very familiar to us. It made me and E stop and think. We both love my wife deeply and want her to be as happy as we are. That alone made watching the show worth it. It doesn't hurt (for me) that both of the women in the new Triad are beautiful.

I hope they also talk about the difficulties that come along with this kind of dynamic.
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