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Originally Posted by anon4now View Post
As I stated in my first entry, my wife and I used to be HYPERsexual. You name it, there was a time when we did it (Go ahead, PM and ask me). Since kids, we have lost that part of our wonderful relationship. Where I know that she and I are rock solid and will never want to leave the other, I now know that there is a HUGE chasm in our relationship that has to be addressed so that our relationship is where it used to be. What is the opposite of hyper...? We are there. I honestly thought I was ok with it but while soul searching, I realized that I held ALOT of resentment towards her for it.

Yeah, we talked about it multiple times but I eventually gave in and just swept it under the rug. That's the odd thing, we talk about EVERYTHING but that...
I just thank god got free of a sexual drought in my relationship with my husband so I feel you. We also came from a place of being sexually unsatisfied when we started talking about other relationships.

It turned out to be the lack of openness that was blocking our sexual intimacy. We had to get to a point of nothing left to loose before we really started to be open,- then WHAM!-everything started opening up.

We have made some mistakes wanting too many things too fast, but the sex is back and the best in my life. We had to fall in love again with one another to have a shot in hell at making changes to our damaged relationship. I am a happy lady in that regard now, and it helps me to make less desperate decisions about all kinds of things.

Feel free to PM me- it seems we're about in the same place in some ways.

It hurts when you stub your toe on those boundaries, doesn't it?

Originally Posted by anon4now View Post
Either way, I will continue to read and post here. I hope to develop some friendships and possibly help others along the way.
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