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As well as everyone else, hopefully this has all been resolved by now, but the quick route to solution is to be emotionally honest with her husband and this is the type of honesty that is best understood in person when they can see your eyes, because if he sees what his behavior is doing, and doesn't understand how he needs to change and what that change entails -- when you inform him of how his behavior makes you feel -- it means either that he does not care for you in the genuine manner he seems to proclaim or possibly he is incapable of truly understanding what it means to love another person that they are not sexually involved with without some sort of a value trade system

commonly known as using another human being

which isn't love so don't let him fool you into thinking he is not attempting to use you for something

If he cares about you, he won't want you to be experience the emotional stress that is a result of his behavior (either that or he serious psychological disorders because such behavior would take some serious playing of him on your part, and that doesn't sound anything like what you are describing)
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