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I like knowing details. I'll take them as juicy as she'll give them to me, but I usually ask questions about the highlights, or the overall type of sex. I do this to be modest and respectful. If I sense that she's enjoying telling, I'll ask a little more.

I'm definitely a voyeur, so hearing details excites me greatly. It is sometimes intimidating for me as well. Two of her other lovers (out of 4 of us) are really good at oral. I'm mediocre. They also have bigger cocks (one is a strap-on). She has admitted that she prefers bigger a little bit (I've also witnessed this while I pleasuring her with ultra realistic dildos). I like it this way because I like the cuckold fetish elements quite a bit. I don't have an interest in pure cuckolding though, or that whole fetish as a lifestyle. It's all totally poly with a dash of cuckolding.

Anyway, for me it's really hot to hear the details, and about 5% of the time I'm shook up and intimidated after. That gives my fetish experience more power for me though. There has to be some intensity of emotion or I have no interest in the cuckolding element. So, I'm actually kinda fortunate that her other lovers are impressive, considering my inclinations. It is a bit of a balancing act though.

I haven't had many other dates. I don't think she will want any details other than the specifics regarding safety and agreements.

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