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I realize this thread has been dormant for 7 months, but I wonder how things have gone for her?

Also, I second this advice from GalaGirl regarding exploring fisting. I have worked towards fisting a little bit with a woman that I'm dating, and while she can't fit my whole hand in yet, she really really enjoys lots of fingers pressing into her front wall and cums hard while she rubs her clit at the same time. That helped me to get out of a rut.

Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Since you want to explore new things, and you got the lube out already, and he wants to make you cum and you are thinking about kink -- how about exploring "A Hand in the Bush?" with him? It's slow, intimate edge play of another kind.

Learning to do that together might increase your hotness for him and his self esteem in his sex skills.
I also heard the woman I'm dating cum and scream louder than any woman I've been with, including her, while she was with her other boyfriend. That knocked the wind out of me even though I already had a cuckold fetish, which was a surprise to me. She was curious about me being dominant and aggressive as well, but I only pulled it off a few times. I felt out of place. A huge part of it was how I saw/see myself relative to her other partners.

We started to use cuckold fantasy play to help us. It worked regarding arousal and me beginning to feel compersion, but it is tough at times to keep your balance with this fetish and polyamory.

Anyway, after some months I we moved on and explored other things, nothing spectacular and forgot about cuckolding for a bit. Now, she has a new partner who she has a ton of sex with. This trans male person has a bigger cock and is definitely better than me at oral, and he's one hell of a fun party person. We've pulled out the cuckold fetish again as it helps me get in a mindset for compersion rather than competing.

Anyway, I'm in no frame of mind to give overall advice, but it does seem like this couple's situation is the exact arrangement that husbands into the cuckold fetish would like to be in. To top it off, she said that she did enjoy dominating him a bit when they tried her as the dominant. Also, she is more dominant is other areas of life. Well, I'm really curious as to how they are doing.

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