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Well, I have ideas on how the profiles should work. Once common complaint among poly couples is that personals sites don't allow for profiles for couples--it's individual profiles only. I'm thinking there has to be a way to alleviate that without then locking couples into couples-only profiles.

See, my wife and I are not a package deal. If some woman wants to get involved with me, she doesn't have to also get involved with my wife (who is bi). Likewise, any woman getting involved with her doesn't have to get involved with me. As I'm straight, any men getting involved with her also aren't getting involved with me. To stick us with only a couples profile wouldn't be a good solution.

So I'm thinking having individual profiles available, couples profiles available, and the ability to strongly link individual profiles of couples/groups that identify as a unit would work to serve all the contingencies.

Hit me up in private if you're wanting more ideas tossed your way.
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