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Originally Posted by roseyt View Post
This gentleman and I are not boyfriend and girlfriend but have been very close intimate friends for sometime now...
I have a feeling he isn't being entirely honest with me but I am just hoping he is.

I also just felt conflicted with the fact he told me I wasn't allowed to call her. He has no significant power over me yet I am afraid of jeopardizing our friendship of this.
There is a lot of confusion in what you are saying. I'm having difficulty actually figuring out where the root problem is - because there seems to be so much past drama and current lack of trust and respect.
You don't respect him and suspect he is lying to you and her
He doesn't trust her and doesn't think she can handle the truth
He doesn't want you to interfere in his life and probably doesn't trust you enough to tell you the truth either
Who knows what is going on with her... I'll bet she doesn't trust either of you
Seriously, it sounds like none of you have even an ounce of respect for the other. Have you considered just moving on from this relationship and maybe getting some therapy about your trust issues (if that's what it is, I honestly can't tell).
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