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This gentleman and I are not boyfriend and girlfriend but have been very close intimate friends for sometime now. We had lived with each other for three out of the five years of being involved. Also have been financially, emotionally and physically dependent on each other for most of our time together.

I do have to admit when I found out that he had visit her my heart just dropped. I said anyone but her. There was a lot of drama caused by this attempt at a trio between work, home and friends. Nothing really felt secure during this time for me and I was in a huge depression to the point where I could not get out of bed and then was asked to be open to a trio when I was no where mentally or emotionally able to do.

I do have this lady's contact still and right now I am more curious on just how she is these days. In the past my guy friend wasn't being very upfront on many topics with both of us ladies and I just want to make sure everyone is on the same page this time around.

I have a feeling he isn't being entirely honest with me but I am just hoping he is.

I also just felt conflicted with the fact he told me I wasn't allowed to call her. He has no significant power over me yet I am afraid of jeopardizing our friendship of this.
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