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Holy crap! Eight cars for three drivers?!?

I like to have 2 roadworthy cars for all three of us - since I ALWAYS need access to a car. The boys stay at home so they can coordinate their car needs. Sometimes 1 of the 2 is down while the boys are doing repairs (unsurprising as one is 10 years old and the other is 12 years old) - which is just annoying but do-able. We also have one broken down "fun" car for them to fix up and "play race" with in the future (not going to be street-legal). In a pinch, MrS has one working motorcycle and another that could be fixed up for Dude if he wants. All of those, plus the little tractor, make me feel like I am surrounded by vehicles I don't want or need (albeit with zero loans).

As the current cars inevitably die - I would like to replace them to look more like:

One daily driver all-wheel drive mini SUV - so I can always get to work.
One 4 wheel drive pick-up for the property - so the boys can get work done and go to town if needed.
One fun/pretend racing car - that is ALSO street legal - so everyone can use a car if needed
One motorcycle (possibly 2 - if Dude takes it up)
Upgrade the little tractor to something more versatile.
(And even THAT seems excessive.)

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