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Started writing this morning, but trailed off

Strange to feel lonely, when I'm not alone in the house. Maybe a come-down from last night - shisha with friends. I love sharing smoke that way. The fat, fruity bubble of double apple.

Meant to spend the day with Grotto today but I'm feeling weird. Want time to myself, perhaps.

Grotto says he's happy to do whatever I want to do. I think I want to go back to my place and hang out there.

I'm feeling nervous...
Now I'm in a completely different mood. Had a wonderful day with Grotto. He asked me what I wanted to do, and we pretty much did that. I wasn't dictating as such; I don't think we did anything that he didn't want to as well. But still, was nice to say what I felt like. To be a bit looked after.

Back again on the overnight train tomorrow. Usually I go straight to work from the train (it gets in around 7am), but this time I'm planning a detour via Lobe's place, for, er... a cuddle, and a shower... etc. Heh. Hope I don't get too late for work. We have flexible working hours but I have a lot to get done these days. Sex is exercise though. Breakfast of champions
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