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Decent show.. however the blonde woman (I would almost say child).. way to much drama. Would have dropped her like a heavy anchor.. (I think she was in the triad).. actually thinking back the passive agressive douche bag was a crap example of good relationshipability (not a word I know).. from an involvement perspective.. he was a shining example of many bad relationship maneuvers.. I would swing with the triad, but I wouldn't date them.. haha.. I kept hoping the brunette would say fuck it and dump both of them and move onto a more adult relationship. She seemed the most normal to me, from the tiny snapshot the TV show allowed us anyways.

I liked the quad/expansive group. Excluding how the show showed more abotu the sex than the loving.. it made for good TV which is what matters. I appreciated their attempt even if it doesn't represent 100% of poly. To give them credit, it does represent a subsection as much as I know some poly people didn't like that side highlighted..

I would watch season 2.. heck I may even send the show to my mom, to give a working example of 2 small aspects of poly.. not the popular opinion I realize..
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