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Originally Posted by sunnydee View Post
I may be reading this wrong, but it doesn't really sound like there's a problem here. You say that you both agreed that you put things on hold, but then you say you're not sure how she feels and you're not sure that she will contact you if she wants to. This makes me think that it was she that indicated she needed space and you are just feeling a bit insecure that if you don't keep your hand in, so to speak, that you might lose her. Maybe you just miss her?

It's ok to let her know you are there for her, if she needs you, and maybe to contact her after a few weeks to ask how she's doing, but, if she's really going to go through divorce... well, she really might need the space and you might just need to hang in there for a bit and wait til she's more settled to find out if you can pick up where you left off. It's probably a pretty crazy time for her and she really might go through some pretty radical emotional changes. It's clear that you already think that you shouldn't try to manipulate the situation more than that, and you're right. You might just need to wait and see. Hugs.
We haven't exactly broken off contact. We talk regularly, we play an online game together, pretty much everything we did before we started seeing one another. Aside from that, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. I'm scared that if I wait too long before bringing "us" back up, she will have lost interest, and if I rush into it, I'll scare her away. The reason I will probably have to bring this up is because she's quite shy... I think even if she wanted to continue our relationship she would be too shy to initiate the conversation. I may be wrong, though.

I think when I return home in May, I'll just ask her if she wants to have dinner with me, and just go from there... I can get some kind of feel for where she's at emotionally and see where things go. Does that sound like a good idea?
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