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Way to go nycindie!

As for me, I had an emotional couple of days. I'm not happy in my job right now, but couldn't see a way out. I know I struggle with balancing school, work, and everything outside of that, but when I was offered the chance to use tuition credits, I asked Runic Wolf's input and he didn't respond. I took his non-response as a "Not now" and missed the deadline to discuss it with my supervisor. After reading up on how our tuition reimbursement works, I'd have to commit to at least another year at my agency. So instead, I'm looking for another job. I applied to 2 yesterday, one of which Wendigo had told me I should have applied for last month when he asked me why I felt obligated to stay at my job if it wasn't making me happy anymore/ was stressing me out this badly. Honestly, I wanted the tuition credits and my supervisor had applied for a grant to work with school aged kids and we're waiting to find out if we're approved; they applied for the grant expecting me to headline the new program, which would be awesome, but I'm not sure I can wait much longer to find out. I'm not really good at wanting things; that is to say, I'm not good at wanting them outloud or hoping for/ expecting things. So when I want something, it's a big deal and my boys jump on giving it to me. Only this time, what I wanted and asked for this summer is out of my reach and the disappointment stung big time and was overwhelming. I'm dealing now, but reached my breaking point yesterday in the car with Runic Wolf, who was great at making me feel loved and reassuring me that I'll get it eventually.
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