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Oh-in our dynamic, any time we are open to new potentials-we are anal retentive about STI testing actually.

I am VERY anal retentive about it because I have herpes-so only do I insist on testing for every person (which has ticked off several poly women locally who wanted to be with Maca and "skiip" testing) but I also insist on making sure *MYSELF* that the guys potentials are fully aware that I DO have herpes (both guys continue to test negative as of a year ago) and that we ARE fluid bonded and therefore they ARE at risk of getting it if they choose to be with one of the guys.
I'm not willing to be "the cause" of someone else taking that risk without knowing.

Thus far it's been arbitrary as neither of the guys has contracted it (20 yrs with one, 15 with the other) but they could at any time.
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