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Interesting post Ceoli !
Interestingly enough I was (trying) to have a very similar conversation with someone else regarding religion vs spirituality and claiming a label as belonging to any particular religion for pretty much the same reason.
I'm not sure yet whether my point sunk home or not and maybe this will help.
So far - it seems to me - that the term polyamory is still somewhat untarnished. It would be really interesting to have a better feel though for truly what the general public's reaction is.
I've always been afraid of the easy connection to 'polygamy' which is seriously tarnished and I think that if 'polyamory' has survived this far without a lot of damage, it's simply because the two root terms are quite blatantly self explanatory.
But it seems it will be prudent to think about this long term and keep a close eye on how it's manipulated by the mass media.
Someone in another thread (maybe Religion-I forget who) was mentioning something about how poly folk may now be in the gunsights of the religious/conservative extremists.
For just these reasons I've always been an advocate of flying below the radar for as long as possible until sufficient momentum has built up to become almost unassailable. Poly so far has seemed to follow that - if not by intention then by accident. But this CAN change as new people start to drift in with less knowledge and experience in such matters.
For me - walk softly and carry a big shtick
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