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Yes-and at 12, she's right at that age where they get REALLY annoying and like to complain about what their parents are doing-even if they agree with it. LOL!

My oldest is almost 22. But my son is 13. The oldest was hell on wheels for me in terms of her attitude about MY life during her teens. Now that she's married with children-she's eating a lot of those words. LOL! It's been interesting watching her repeat my choices and then notice me noticing and come back and say "yeah-you were right-but I didn't know what it was REALLY like". It's also funny to see her roll her eyes at other teens when they say/do the SAME things she did; but now that she's living life as a fully independent adult with responsibilities-she has a much better clue of how difficult it is to communicate effectively with your partner, function on no sleep, figure out the right response to an out of control child etc.

The 13 year old is just starting all of that annoying behavior.
And just to iterate-these are good kids. No drugs, no running away, no school problems etc.
But good kids still gotta go through teen years.
They are trying to claim their autonomy from us-to cut the umbilical cord so to speak. Takes them awhile to realize that they need not hate every detail of who we are in order to express their autonomy.

It will be ok. Be patient-she's 12? Only 6-10 more years and she'll start to have a better respect for the reality of what you are dealing with.
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