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On a good note-that does sound like normal 12 year old behavior even in a non-poly dynamic.

But I totally know what you mean!
Can you imagine a show where DH is working out of town for 6 weeks (how long is a season? he probably just missed being filmed at all).

Episode I don't know which-BF is still asleep-cause he worked til only God knows what time-
Grandson manages to make the tiny amount of maple syrup in his breakfast breed-so he could cover himself from head to tow.
6 year old daughter wants to practice being a freaking dominatrix or some shit so she spends an hour+ bossing the 2 year old grandson around (whilst he avidly ignores her as though he can't hear her screeching)

While the "beautiful, middle aged, flabby armed (yes that is bugging me currently), hinge in this V-who should be oversexed and still ready and waiting for the next go-around with a lover (haha)-hasn't bothered to change out of a dingy, "mommy like" nightgown and ugly gray knee high mens socks, sits with hair standing on end-talking online in order to avoid addressing the need to workout, clean the toys up, wash the maple syrup (how did he make it continue breeding and spreading across the kids table and chairs while he is showering?).....

Followed by a night of no sleep to pick up yet more kids and grandkids from the airport in the middle of the night...

The previous episode was MORE frightening if you can believe-except for the 4 minutes that show all of the kids and sexy mom in jeans and dark blue tank top buying bday cards and mailing them to DH.... But-that 4 minutes was likely an anomoly...

Tomorrows episode will start with the exciting "awakening" of said mom as she tries to figure out what freaking day it is-please God don't let it be Monday when she has to watch all of the grand kids so adult daughter can do fingerprinting and all that stuff for a new job (CNA)-Dh still out of town, bf working, likely the house will implode from the lack of attention it's gotten in the "clean up" department, the fridge and pantry are empty because she refuses to try to remember how to buy groceries with a 2 year old and 2 months old in tow (both grandsons) and then remembers "oh shit-I can't remember because I NEVER DID THAT! Because I spread my kids out with 8 years between each of them! THAT is why it's so overwhelming!"

The make up, jewelry, sexy outfits (that likely won't fit after this summer of insanity eating too much "easy kid friendly food") and heels are so caked in dust that they likely aren't worth trying to save even if she could remember how the hell to use that stuff and have it result in a sexier "come hither" face...
Hairties have become the norm... when was the last time she did something with her hair besides wash, brush and pull it up and out of the way? Hmmm good question.>

Yeah-I'm thinking my poly life might be more fitting for a "nightmare on elm street" or at least a "mommy make over" show.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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