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Hey! Are you saying that Ari and I tend to not respond for (like years actually) and then we write these really long monologues that take forever to read, much less reply to?!?!?!?
I think I may resemble that.... well shit!

On a side note-it's highly highly unlikely that if you called to see if I was up for running down to the bar to meet up suddenly because there was too much going on at home.... I wouldn't make it.

Hopefully it's obvious that this isn't a personal thing regarding you. (no more smileys-as I recall there is a limit to how many I can use in a post before the board gets pissy with me)

Anyway-I totally feel ya! Currently I feel like I need to run out of my house and let the kids finish whatever the hell it is that they are doing before I return-cause they are DRIVING ME BATSHIT CRAZY! Seriously.

I sent the youngest child (6)to sit in the bathroom and talk to the grandson (2) who is in the shower playing with cars.
Why is the 2 year old in the shower (we don't have a bathtub anymore-just a shower, long story) you ask?
Because he was COVERED (I do mean COVERED) in maple syrup. As I am the one who put it in his oatmeal and I know it was less than a tablespoon... I'm not sure how he got it to breed so that there was enough to lather his whole body in it.
But-I sent him to the shower-and sent SourPea to "supervise" which really means-just hang out in there and talk to him so that he stays in long enough for the shower water to generally rinse most of his body clean. He (fortunately) thinks it's cool as hell to stand in Grammy's shower and drive his little cars up and down the walls in running water. So whilst I can hear them (as if they were standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME) he is contained and happy. She is contained and happily bossing him around (about only God knows what cause the shower is 32x32 inches-what on earth could he do in there? (I already removed all shampoo, soap etc)....

IF (yeah I know-whats the chance, small probability) you manage to wander your way to Alaska-definitely let me know so we can go catch up face to face! (of course that goes for Ari, Derby, RP and all the other Canadian friends over there whose logins I can't recall lol.)

I don't know when I will make it back down your way.

One would think that with Maca working so much OT out of town this year (8 months of working 6/8 weeks at 10hr days (so 2 hours of ot 5 days and 1 day of 10 hrs ot) I could pull a couple extra plane tickets.

But his dad had some unexpected emergency medical shit come up and had to take time off work (no retirement for that one). We've been trying to send them money to help out. Which I totally don't mind doing-he's the most awesome guy on the planet. Just wish he would come home-make it so much easier to take care of him if he weren't in NY! (could he pick a more distant place? Um... no, not without leaving the US).

Eventually I will manage another trip down to visit though. I will try to give you more notice next time-then maybe we could go do something fun one evening.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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