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My job has me working weekends for the next few weeks, kinda sucks because I'm trying to use vacation time during the week (use it or lose it) and if I work weekends, those days off count towards my "weekend" instead of my vacation time. *sighs*

On the poly front, we met a new to the area poly couple at a BDSM munch on Wednesday. The wife and Runic Wolf seem to be hitting it off. Wendigo is stressed out from work, but the he, Runic Wolf, and I had a mind blowing (to me anyway) date a couple of weeks ago. Date nights are going to be once a month for a little while due to work and to our DM deciding that he wants us to go to his house for game night every other session. I'll survive, but I do miss the time that we used to have before Wendigo decided he couldn't sleep over after game anymore (his back stopped being able to handle sleeping on the couch after he hurt it at work.)
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