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It was a rough week.

Hubby's car took a shit Monday. Not what we needed financially. So I had to play taxi and haul his butt back and forth to work. Normally I would have just let him have my car, but the kids have football and I have to get them to practices. Hubby works second shift to boot.

It also put a damper on my time with Murf. I did get to see him Wednesday after midnight to Thursday early afternoon. But he was having satellite TV installed between 8 and 12. He wanted to get the oil changed on the 55 Chevy. Which he does at his dad's because the lift makes it easy. I told him go I will stay for the installation. But please hurry back I wanted some quality time. I also know that his dad can eat up his time. Long story short he was gone over 2 and a half hours. He dad got talking and his grandfather showed up. Now they live less than a mile from each other. I live half hour away. I was hurt and the stress of life hit me hard. The tears just spilled over.

I had no idea when I would get to see Murf again due to hubby's work schedule and the kids football. Plus Murfs schedule. I was upset I was put second. I admit it.

Well luckily people are awesome. Hubby's work friend helped out. Fixed the car. Damn Saturn and plastic pieces in the shift linkage. He is just charging for the parts ans gas for towing the car to fix it $100.

So a good end to a bad week.
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