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Default Shared responsibility in a poly family

I did a cursory search on this topic (very brief, admittedly), and didn't find any posts, so apologies if this dead horse has taken a beating already. :-)

One of the aspects of poly that my wife and I find appealing is the poly family and shared responsibility. Whether it's a triad, quad, or some other configuration, we're curious about the pros and cons of how successfully it works in the real world. We've done a good bit of research on the web and have found conflicting opinions. I certainly expect to find a variety of them here as well, but it will be interesting to get some first hand accounts.

So... if you are in, or have been in, a poly family (or if you just have an opinion on the matter)... how did that work for you? How are bills, kids, cooking, etc. handled in your situation?
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