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Hi, all. I'm Claire. Born and raised in North Carolina. Been married for close to 15 years but always felt that something was missing in my marriage. My husband and I just didn't really connect. Recently we decided it was best to seperate and try to remain friends. In the past few years I found that I had something of a fascination with threesomes. (Did I forget to mention that I'm really into erotica?) Hadn't had any threesomes in real life but it has been a fantasy for a while now. I'm particularly interested in a relationship with two men. Although polyamory is of an interest to me, I'm more interested in making a emotional connection as well as a physical connection. So while a threesome is of definite interest to me, I'm more interested in learning more about the polyamorous lifestyle. I look forward to reading more of the posts here and finding out if this is really a lifestyle that would suit me.
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