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Default there really is simple solution

next time you are hanging out with her husband, how about asking him if he has a one penis policy with his wife?

There is nothing wrong with him having such a policy, but I would agree that if he simply cannot deal with it but has it worked out to where he has sex with members of the opposite gender, I probably wouldn't want to be involved with him either

It is OK to be discriminating when it comes to your lovers, you don't need any reason other than it being your preference, if you were an employer and had an open position which he applied for, THEN it would definitely be wrongful discrimination, but that wouldn't be likely you would know such much about his private life if you were just an employer and he was just an applicant so it really is a moot point.

It's not your place to decide how he and his wife handle their relationship, but depending on the circumstances I would tend to think that engaging in activities you cannot allow your wife to engage in is not responsible behavior. Some people will continue doing whatever they can get away with, if his behavior is taking advantage of a situation, I would hope he had the integrity to quit doing that.

It's just what responsible, caring, loving people do.

If someone voluntarily agrees to give another person several thousand dollars, that is their decision, but also the person who would take what they do not deserve, the person who accepts such a gift it tends to speak volumes about their character.

If something stinks of the someone being taken advantage of, I would want to find out why before I dated them.

BUT AGAIN, it isn't wrong to be a hypocrite, but that doesn't mean you must date them

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