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Originally Posted by monkeystyle View Post
Advice/Opinion: A couple dating another couple is usually a bad idea. Too many points of failure. Keep the friendship and save the drama. They don't communicate very well, which tells you all you really need to know - if you think about it hard enough.
I can't disagree more. My wife and I are in a quad with another couple who were at first our very best friends... is it is simply wonderful. Is it difficult sometimes? Yes, but that's to be expected.

Why does it seem that people who are not 100% comfortable yet with an idea or change to the relationship are so easily discarded? Why do we call it controlling so quickly? Sometimes it takes a little time to get used to something and then you can move on. I assume changes to any relationship (ie. dating men vs dating women) are a bit easier if you are poly experienced. What's the rush?

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