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Default Hello From Wisconsin!

Hello all.

Wow, ok dont know how to start this. Ill just be random like my blogs...ok here it ok goes.

Ok I went thru lots of male relations my whole teenage years, but always wanted a female companion. But was afraid of being accepted by others, but now I accept being Bi and dont really care sorta kinda what others think about me being who I am.

I am Married and have been for 2 1/2 years and we have 1 son together. But I would like to add another half, I feel incomplete with just being married. I feel like I need the soft touch of now Im really rambling. Anyway I came out to my Bestfriend of 10 years and she said she was interested in being my other half. But once talking about seems like she has just been leading me on. and Its really starting to hurt.

Ok thats enough for now buts that my story and I cant wait to get to know everyone.
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