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Originally Posted by LostGirlinTexas89 View Post
I've never had a polyamorous relationship but a Triad would be my ideal. I have a hard time finding people who relate to the things i want because this is such a small town in Texas. When i try and explain the relationships that i'm looking for, of course i get the weird stares, the "Oh my God", and what have yous. i have one friend in Colorado who is in a poly relationship and can relate, but it's just not enough. I know what i want and i'm not making apologies for wanting to love more than one person. Anyone have any advice or info for me.
Aside from looking for a 'triad', what kind of relationship do you tell people you're looking for? How do you describe your ideal?

Dating two people at once can be a triad, with or without sexual connotations, with lots of other personal definitions depending on who is talking about it. Without knowing more, it's hard to say much about what could be better.

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