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Default Eastern PAers Looking for Poly Advice (and not if "poly wants a cracker" or not!)

Hi, everyone! We are looking for some advice and input. My husband and I both have jobs where it is difficult to meet people. We have been looking to meet some people (preferably female so she and I can do some "girl things" while my husband is out doing "boy" things). Specifically, we are looking for people who enjoy intriguing conversations on random topics (from why the hell are there so many rabbits in my yard to how do we colonize mars), like to travel, are hot tub friendly, and won't be offended if my clothes fall off (just not a fan of clothes, what can i say ;-). Any insight you can offer as to how we can go about finding this magical person or people would be appreciated! The area we live in is very "Amish" - if that gives you a clue to how hard it is to meet other females who enjoy the feel of another female.
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