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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Given all the issues that have been brought up with the word "polyamory" and given that polyamory is really a proto-term that is only just now beginning to enter public consciousness, I thought this would be interesting food for thought. Since it's still a new term to many people, I wonder if it's a term we should allow to be co-opted in such a way that it ends up only referring to negative and pejorative stereotypes rather than what it actually means.

The last paragraph of the article:
I totally agree with you. I read that article and find my own response to the words gay and lesbian as opposed to homosexual to be quite different. The word homosexual is not a word I prefer. My daughter identifies as a lesbian but I prefer to refer to her orientations as "gay" because I even find the word lesbian somewhat tarnished by the inaccurate concept of raging feminists and man haters.

The word poly has already been tarnished in my eyes and as I have stated many times before I won't use it to explain my relationship to people who are in traditional circles because of the immediate negative assumptions they made about the people in my life when researching the word. I also do not associate with the word poly-fi anymore as that does not accurately describe my relationship. I now describe my relationship as a multi partner open relationship.

When I first joined this forum I was quite proud to use the word polyamorous because it almost had an enlightened appeal to me. That is no longer the case as I find myself increasingly discouraged by the relationship turmoil I see around me "in real life" and the almost cultish need to "group" people based on a criteria of activities for those who wish to belong. There is a hugely artificial structuring around me that is no different than the idea of "traditional society" other than people want to stand out. I hate the idea of community leaders who seem to think people need guidance in achieving what they want or who insist on shaping a community. I wish I had a dollar for every time I hear a word that starts with "meta" or "poly"...I'd be rich!

Sorry for the rant Ceoli (I'm seriously getting poly saturated/sex positive saturated/shitty wireless service saturated).....I think I made some sense at first

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