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Default Interesting take on Political Correctness

I came across this Salon article covering an American poll about gays and lesbians serving in the military. It turns out poll results are very different when you say "homosexual" rather than "gay" or "lesbian".

Given all the issues that have been brought up with the word "polyamory" and given that polyamory is really a proto-term that is only just now beginning to enter public consciousness, I thought this would be interesting food for thought. Since it's still a new term to many people, I wonder if it's a term we should allow to be co-opted in such a way that it ends up only referring to negative and pejorative stereotypes rather than what it actually means.

The last paragraph of the article:

So, you know how activists are always insisting that word choice matters, and some words carry a lot of extra baggage even if you don't mean anything by them, and their use has a real cultural impact, even if you don't notice it? And how whenever they do that, they're widely dismissed as free speech-hating P.C. whiners who need to get a life? Yeah. Turns out they might be onto something.
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