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Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
My wifes interest I've spoken to, he just feels like it is betrayal. He can't wrap his head around the fact that it can work. He is very idealized and is terrible with woman actually, he has this picture perfect view of how relationships should work, it's kinda creepy.
RED FLAG! Leave him alone. Why encourage your wife to hook up with someone who is terrible with women and a bit creepy in his attitude about relationships? That would not bode well at all, I should think! Common sense, man.

Just because she has feelings for him does not mean she should go there. It seems obvious to me that, if she were to get involved with him as more than a platonic friend, she (and you) would only wind up with drama and difficulty. So, I think you would do well to stop promoting that idea. She should probably start looking further afield for someone who is great with and respectful of women and more open-minded about relationships in general. She can enjoy her crush on this friend of yours without forcing it to manifest in something else.
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