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But once past that phase - and detecting that point really is tricky - then you pass into a phase where a soft, casual reference is more than sufficient as a reminder. At that stage, more than that does/can become tiring or annoying as you said. It's like the big war drums continuing to beat long after the battle has begun. It can become more distracting than beneficial. The drums are intended to strike fear into the heart of the enemy. Once the battle has begun, you need to hear who's sneaking up behind you.
I disagree. What needs to be done and how it needs to be done is not always dictated by those who are not aware of the issues or those who may be in positions of privilege where knowledge of such issues only constitutes an annoyance, especially since there is a whole group of people who are more profoundly affected by such issues and *have* to deal with it whether others feel ready to or not.

Just my two cents there.
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