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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Thanks for that GS.

It can get a bit exhausting in a climate where choosing to speak out for such things is regarded as tiresome and annoying by others. I've experienced that sentiment on this forum.
Yes Ceoli,

Not to sidetrack the thread, but that is always a tricky balance.
I think any of us who have developed a passion for a particular cause have experienced that.
It's one of those skills you try to master in successful activism. There's an early phase when general public awareness doesn't exist and you have to make a lot of 'noise' to get the word out. But once past that phase - and detecting that point really is tricky - then you pass into a phase where a soft, casual reference is more than sufficient as a reminder. At that stage, more than that does/can become tiring or annoying as you said. It's like the big war drums continuing to beat long after the battle has begun. It can become more distracting than beneficial. The drums are intended to strike fear into the heart of the enemy. Once the battle has begun, you need to hear who's sneaking up behind you.

Carry on......

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