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Originally Posted by darthsabbath View Post
We seemed to hit it off splendidly... there was lots of deep discussion, cuddling, sex... it was quite lovely. She and my wife got along well, and my wife and the other woman's husband even seemed to be getting close.
You don't mention anywhere here about how things seemed to be between you and her husband ?
That's a REALLY important missing piece ? In a good or best setting you two would have at least been friends/on the same page with everything. So that missing piece is critical to understanding what the reality of the situation is.

But in general, I would fall back to this question....(for yourself)

What would I do if these people (she and husband) were just close friends ?
How would I proceed ?

It may shed a different light on the whole situation. Because any truly good relationship has to have that as it's foundation.

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