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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
It can be very healing to receive attention from someone new. I say, give yourself permission to enjoy it without trying to figure out where it will go, what's fair, what's wise, blablabla. Just be present and enjoy it for what it is - someone interesting is interested in you, wants to have dinner together, and you have a chance to get to know someone a little bit more - how lovely!
I did go, and had a very nice time.. lovely dinner, great conversation, a very nice goodbye kiss, plans to meet next week.
But this morning I got an email where he said he and GF had talked it over and decided not to pursue an open relationship for now.

looking back there were a couple of red flags.. he told me she was more into the swinging side of the open relationship spectrum, whereas he was more looking for real connections with emotional investment. I have no doubts that he liked me, a lot. I think that he possibly liked me too much, and she vetoed the whole thing. Which sucks, but is something I'd rather find out after 2 dates than further along the line...

In other news, Ren was supposed to go on a second date with a woman he met on OKC today, and she just messaged him she has 'misgivings' about the whole poly thing, and accused him of not being honest (which is stupid, since he mentions being poly and in an open marriage in the first paragraph of his profile).

So we're both feeling a little blue and not very positive about poly life at the moment.. feeling there are so very few people who 'get' this.
early forties, straight.
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