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Default Hello all.

Not sure where to start... I am in a marriage of almost 18 years to a wonderful woman. She is a fantastic mother to our thee children. She is the light of my life... Truly.
We have had our ups and downs as do most long relationships. We have played with other people on several occasions, swinging. Most of the playing on my part has been with her and another man. I really enjoy sharing her. I have also had a couple of lovers that my wife wasn't envolved with.
She has had a few more solo mitions than I have.
Recently we decided that we could both love another person and have started to be poly after realizing at we could both love others individually.
So here I am. I am having difficulties with the "dating phase". My wife is very beautiful and very sexy so for her to find men who want to get with her it is very easy. She gets to choose from hundreds (not an exaggeration) of willing suitors and when she finds one they sext and send pictures back and forth before meeting in person. This almost guarantees that their first date will end in sex. Which in and of itself I have no problem with. Remember, I love when she is given pleasure. My concern is that she is just going to keep dating/making love with different guys and that she won't find the "one".
I'm in need of, and would appreciate any and all thoughts on this.
Thank you for reading.
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