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Originally Posted by gorgeouskitten View Post
Agreed again Marcus. i guess how i look at my "quad' ideal is that I date a married man, my spouse dates his wife, so the four of us are linked that way but we girls and the two guys arent romantically involved. Im guessing its more likely? Though we arent by any means happens. We know a nice couple, if it happens it happens
I would stop trying to predict how relationships are going to form. The only thing you can reasonably count on by making these predictions is that you will get in the way of what could have happened organically.

Also, "quad" and "triad" suggest that all members are romantically involved with one another. What you described is a pair of couples who are dating each others spouses. Nothing wrong with it, just that calling it a "quad" confuses people like me who try to use words according to what they mean.
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