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Originally Posted by AlbertaBea View Post
Tommy won't even hear me out about it without getting insulted and angry, so when I try to explain my perspective his reaction makes me feel like I'm trying to prove I'm not "square". I tried talking to him about it this week when he suggested I pursue an ad on CL for money, but he is stressed out about a lot of things and was very challenging about the subject. He gets a lot of grief from people he calls "squares" who judge him and say shitty things about his wife's work. He assumes that because sex work isn't for me, I look down on his wife because of what she does. I'm not his wife's biggest fan right now but that's because of things she's said, not her career. I feel like I will get over what she's said with time. Tommy says I should see a therapist and get the support I need because he can't give it to me. The thing is, I'm not asking him for support I'm asking him to be aware of my experience and stop making unfair assumptions about me.
You seem to be able to write quite eloquently and get your point across on "paper", have you tried writing a letter explaining the above? You don't need to go into details of your experiences. You may want to explain that avoiding situations that trigger your past is essential to your mental health. I do think you need to make it very clear to both of them, that they are doing to you, exactly what they are accusing you of doing. Ask them why they need to see you push you into charging for sex so badly? Is he trying to be your pimp?
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