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Been a long time since I posted.

Things are going well with Miss M and Q. They even took a 4 day trip out of state together. They had a good time and I had no breakdowns. I did have a few moments of loneliness, but nothing terrible.

Q and I were supposed to go to Vegas, to meet this couple I've been texting, but it didn't happen. We'd all still like to meet, but with school back in session, I don't know when it'll happen since we can't send Loki to his cousins' house when he has school the next day and I don't want to drive 5 hours for a 48 hour trip. Maybe October break.

I haven't had any more dates. Talked with one guy who sent me a penis picture within 20 minutes of getting my cell phone number, then told me we were "very different people" when I wouldn't give him some identifying information about myself. That was the last I heard from him. Ah well.

Everything on OKC has been either terribly written or obscenely inappropriate. I'm not attached at this point. I'm not taking down my profile, but I'm not tweaking it to bring it up in people's feeds either.
Me: 30yo wife
Q: 29yo husband of 5 years
(The Divine) Miss M: 27yo mutual friend, GF of Q just recently
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