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One of these days I AM going to throw this lap top from the balcony! From three floors up do you think it would finally do what it's supposed to WHEN it's supposed to do it? lol

I know absolutely NOTHING about gaming other than the fact they enjoy it and that's good enough for me . It means I get some PEACE AND QUIET around here with absolutely no background noise, no tv, no son singing (rather well i might add) to whatever he finds on Youtube, no blaring music, no rap or hip hop, no son spending 3 hours talking on the landline (he lost his cell due to non-payment of his bill to me, his mom, who's name his bill is in) to his girlfriend whom he's going to be seeing in just a few hours, NOTHING! Nothing except me and my thoughts, the bird singing & the tapping of my computer keys.

Hmmmmmm, He does enjoy the other editions, Shadowrun, 40K that I can think of off hand & since He's asleep right now I'll not risk His, or my, sanity by waking Him and asking what the others are, lol.

I know there are other things I would rather be doing since gaming holds absolutely no interest for me (not that everyone understands that but the blank look in my eyes when they bring it up usually does the trick, lol) but there are things I do which hold no interest for him either *shrug*. Who doesn't like peace and quiet? Him, that's who. He enjoys his regular Wednesday "me" time but has SOME form of sound going all the time.
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