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Well, since I am a Witch, and I do read Tarot, and I DO believe in Divine Guidance, I could probably say Yes to any of these suppositions.

What the heck ....youre wired into a higher power and you asking us

cant you cast a spell on poor Derwood and make this better ?

My flexibility? I guess that means I continue to stay and try, to listen, to give TB time to work this out. I am not going out and just doing what I want (dating BF as much as I want, having a sexual relationship, making plans for the future for us to be together, etc). However, I will also not walk away from someone who needs me just as much as he does, and someone I need in my life.
One might see your flexibility as not wanting to do the dirty work. Have you talked to your husband about all the things youre not doing but would like to...intentions ....the plans for the future ? Knowing that might help him make up his mind on how to proceed.

No, I will not choose between them, And I dont have to. HE can choose if he feels he needs to though.
With everything you written it sorta looks to me like you sort of have.

Does your husband and BF read this thread ?

Why dont you think you have to.... because neither guy is forcing that ...or something higher ?

I have tried to explain that (for ME), my love for him is different, more comfortable because we have been together for so long. We have history,
years of living and loving together, children and shared experiences.
I think its good that you tried to explain this. In my own situation my wife (probably having read somewhere ) that verbal reassurance was important or helpful. It might be could be if both parties have the same meaning of love. So in my case it was a little confusing at first. Then after I asked for clarification I'd say it wasn't helpful ...or something I wanted to hear so I asked her to stop saying those things.

the 16yo is bright and intuitive and probably knows more than she lets on.
If she's been kept ed in the dark on your past poly relationships ....she might not take it well you hurting her father or the possible break up of the family
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