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Default You don't have to explain anything to them

and in fact you probably shouldn't explain poly "love" to them, children are very perceptive and they can tell who the people are that you care about. Kids actually are able to comprehend the loving part of poly much better than most adults (sometimes even better than poly adults) so love doesn't need much explaining. As for the sexual aspect of a polyamorous relationships, it is the same for any other relationship, and the day spouses set down with their kids and go into details great or small about the sex they have, or the whenever the time is right that single parents explain that they have sex with they bf/gf is when the timing is right to treat poly as needing an explanation

Unfortunately people who live "out" may need to educate their children about hatred and discrimination, as it was once dangerous for children of African descent to cross the railroad tracks into the "white" neighborhoods because hatred and confused angry evil people are often dangerous. Luckily now these days they just need to be aware of the mind games and subtle ways assholes often try to marginalize people who are different, or make them feel less than, as it can take a toll of those who are victims of subtlety when the person is not aware what is happening.

The best thing you can do is to live in a part of world where people understand why wrongful discrimination is not OK, and goes against every freedom and liberty that revolutions were fought for, which is actually a sad state of affairs

However many people seem to have suddenly "waken-up" and seeing the truth in their ways

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