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Originally Posted by NowIKnow View Post
I know in my heart I'm polyamorous because I truly do love my wife. I also love being around and spending time with my best friend but she too is not polyamorous.

Would I like to have sex with both? Yes. Either individually or both at the same time but the fact that my wife nor my friend are not I do not pursue those desires.

I've been open and honest with both of them about my love for each. I only have sex with my wife though. Does sex have to be involved with a third person for me to consider myself poly?
I'd say that although you may well be polyamorous, this set up isn't polyamory, simply because there is the absence of consent. Your friend hasn't agreed to be in a romantic union with you with the understanding that you (at least) will be having other romantic, loving relationships as well as the one you have with her. It has nothing to do with having sex with your friend, it's just that polyamory is about multiple romantic relationships, and you are not in a romantic relationship with your friend.
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